Chocolate and Prosecco


We're constantly being bombarded with the next big thing in dieting. Either you've got to cut out certain food groups or starve then eat how much you want. Those with food intolerances have no choice but to avoid certain foods but for the rest of us perhaps everything in moderation and exercise is the only true answer. Calories, salt and sugar intake and fat content are the main factors we are told to consider by those in the know and that seems to be more simple to follow. I was rather alarmed to discover recently that I would have to walk several miles to burn off a muffin. I love walking and always try to keep on the move but its made me think twice about muffins! As a child I loved chocolate and then there was an interim period where I wasn't bothered about it and could do without but now I like it again. Still it comes back to everything in moderation I suppose. One of my favourite chocolate shops is Hotel Chocolat which has taken the UK market by storm. They're popping up everywhere now.
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I was interested to learn that Prosecco is now one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the UK. For a while I've held an appreciation for it and often prefer it to champagne. Back in June I attended a Prosecco tasting at taste of London in Regents Park ( a show which is held in this location annually). It's easy to understand its popularity-both affordable and tastes great. Cheers!

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