Mademoiselle Prive 2015


The exhibition of the moment in London appears to be the homage to Chanel at the Saatchi Gallery. The astronomical queue to get in is quite something and requires a level of patience only the very dedicated may possess. However, hype begets more hype and no one wants to feel that they've missed out on something special, so people will wait......and wait until they make it through the gallery doors.

Once inside highlights include a re-creation of Chanel's first store in Deauville (one of my favourite holiday destinations btw), the famous Mademoiselle Prive door- the iconic door to her studio and round vats which periodically open, filling the room with perfumed vapours and lots of steam! Most of the time you could walk around freely although once reaching a darkened room containing a myriad of Chanel dresses another queue to reach a further part of the exhibition ensued. A short film was also shown where the ghost of Chanel returns to her studio to find the ever stylish Karl Lagerfeld in residence. The two have an interesting and humorous exchange but it's a pity that Geraldine Chaplin playing Chanel didn't attempt a French accent!

If you're still hoping to catch the exhibition it only runs until November 1st. Admission is free. There are various related workshops taking place but these must be booked in advance. For me the exhibition succeeds in evoking the spirit, style and ethos of Gabrielle Chanel, a black and white theme running throughout - tres chic. This has been a major success for the Saatchi Gallery and the existence of this gallery continues to add another dimension to the Kings Road.

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