The Perfect Blow-Dry


Achieving the perfect blow-dry at home is nigh impossible! (particularly if you have relatively long hair prone to frizz as I do). The main issue I find is drying the back of the hair as it's hard to reach and so I can't get the finish I want. I know the general technique-rough dry hair first but don't dry completely, then blow-dry section by section but hey nothing beats a professional blow-dry! Almost two years ago I started getting a weekly blow-dry. My justification for this was I had a demanding work schedule, home to run and little time to spend styling my hair- all TRUE!! (I still have to do it myself when I colour my hair). In the US blow-dry bars are a popular institution as are manicure bars. Manicures/pedicures I can do well but I admit defeat when it comes to my hair. A weekly visit to your stylist helps to maintain the overall condition of your hair too so it generally becomes more manageable. Although blow-dry bars are in existence here, they are yet to gain the same popularity. Probably because it's still considered a luxury and something only to have done with a haircut. I started to have mine done at a particular salon not too far from home and was so impressed that I get my cut done there as well. A word of warning though. Before this I did try a blow-dry bar which is no longer in existence where the stylist (although not at first) began to burn my scalp with the dryer which became so unbearable that I stopped going. That's when I started to go to one of the Toni & Guy salons and haven't looked back since.

Products I recommend for a DIY blow-dry:

When I do have to tackle my hair myself, these products really do help me achieve a more desirable finish.

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