How to Look Hot In the Heat


It's best to keep holiday make up simple. A heavy foundation isn't ideal in very warm and sunny conditions. Better to opt for a lighter weight foundation such as Chanel's vitalumiere Aqua or Clinique's moisture surge CC cream. Both products are available in a range of colours to suit different skin tones. If you're wearing sunglassess for most of the day, you don't need to bother with eye make up until the evening. 

A waterproof mascara and eyeliner are a must whether day or night to avoid panda eyes. YSL's waterproof mascara doesn't budge even if you wear it whilst swimming and also available is their waterproof eyeliner pencil which is easy to apply and gives a liquid liner effect. Don't forget to apply a high sunscreen on your face too. I would go for SPF 50 and you'll get further protection from the products mentioned above. Plus wear sunglasses and a hat. In fact I'd never buy a foundation which didn't contain an SPF.   


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